Kettu Bisnis was founded in 2006 by creative filmmaker and video producer Loviisa Mellin. She is an experienced video editor who has worked over 10 years with creatives - her experience ranging from post-production houses to hectic in-house editing suites at several well-known agencies in Amsterdam. Loviisa is also a hands-on producer who is not afraid to operate the camera as well, or to take care of anything else that has to do with a successful production.


Besides video editing Kettu Bisnis: produces film for the Internet, meetings and pitches; edits case study films; and makes promotional and profile films. Kettu Bisnis is specialized in working with advertisement agencies and creatives, and in producing fims for cultural awards like the Erasmus Prize.


Kettu Bisnis' clients, among others, include: Amsterdam Worldwide, BSUR, GCU Heineken, Stichting Praemium Erasmianum (The Erasmus Prize), MAKE Amsterdam, VBAT, Wieden+Kennedy. Kettu Bisnis is currently working together with composer Jacob Meijer, sound designer Rik van den Berge, cameraman Casper Brink and other great people. We are always happy to work on creative projects!


Loviisa Mellin, Amsterdam 2013.